Lose Weight


AOD is a peptide fragment of the C- terminus of Human Growth Hormone to which a tyrosine, one of the 20 standard amino acids used to synthesize proteins, is added at the end or to the N – terminal of the peptide. Like Growth Hormone, AOD has been shown in studies to stimulate the break down or destruction of fat and prevent the transformation of fatty food materials into body fat. Recent clinical studies have shown that AOD did show a reduction of body fat in the stomach area in obese, overweight, and average built people. AOD works by mimicking the way Growth Hormone regulates fat metabolism, but without the bad effects on blood sugar or growth that is seen with unmodified Growth Hormone.

  • Stimulates the break down or destruction of fat.
  • Prevents Joint Pain.

Remedium Wellness will sit down with patients after detailed testing and analysis of the patient’s health needs to determine the right natural nutritional supplementation for them, which is uniquely suited to their particular wellness regimen. We will work hand in hand with patients to make sure they get their health and wellness back on track.